33 minutes | Jan 1, 2016

3 - On Page Supremacy With William Kenderdine

This was another amazing episode #3 of the SERP Concierge Show. Today’s guest was none other than William Kenderdine. William didn’t hold anything back as we dived into what is becoming so important these days with rankings, on page SEO, and what you didn’t know you needed to rank. On page SEO is one of my favourite topics and things I really focus on when doing SEO for myself or for one of my clients sites. You’ll see in this episode that on page is much more important than you think, and there are a ton of things that you need to do in order to rank for the keywords you are going after. From the right way to optimize your titles, descriptions, keyword density, and a ton more tidbits, you want to pay very close attention to what William has to say.
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