122 minutes | Jan 16th 2019

The truth about kink, discomfort, & being petty as f*ck w/Raven Robinson

Technology has certainly made life easier, but it's also created a shit storm of disconnectedness. Cellphones are the new plus +1. People would rather watch snaps than connect with family during holiday dinners. Welcome to the new age! My guest this week, Raven Robinson, is one of my oldest internet friends. Our conversations are always epic and this chat is no exception! We get down and dirty about everything from simulated connection to her post-ashram life adjustment. Raven is one of the realest women I know... you're going to L-O-V-E her! In this episode we explore: ⇒ Mastering the art of doing nothing ⇒ Labels, titles, and triggering misconceptions ⇒ Sympathetic pleasure and the capacity for empathy ⇒ How the body takes notes About Raven Robinson: Raven is Founder, Strategist, Coach, and your Compassionate goal setting guide at The Way Thru.  She supports creative thinkers and shift makers as a mirror to help you see your blind spots, a magnifying glass to bring your vision into focus, and a spotlight on your shadows so that you can do the work required to up-level your creative venture, get out of your own way and contribute to your community in meaningful ways. Raven has spent 15+ years developing marketing and operational strategies for solo business owners. Now - having made peace with depression, anxiety and childhood trauma - she is on a mission to help other perfectly imperfect visionaries work through the barriers and get their work into the world using practices such as self-care, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.  To join Raven for a discussion on how to Set, Hold and Respect Boundaries (Jan/Feb 2019) follow @ravendelanaand #TWTBoundaries. *** Wanna help your sister-friends ear-hustle on grown women talking about grown shit? Share #TheSensualityProject with your twitter followers. Click here to post a tweet!   If this episode got you in the feels... head over to iTunes and rate us, shout-us-out (review), and subscribe!   You can also subscribe to The Sensuality Project podcast on your favorite platform.   Like this podcast? Make a $2 donation
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