104 minutes | Oct 3rd 2018

Imperfect mothers, grief orgasms, & the conflict of pleasure w/Jenny Eden Berk

Pleasure is a renewable resource, there is no bottom when it's properly sourced. Yet and still we deny ourselves. Unconsciously vowing to chastity. Withholding the pleasure of sex, food, and joy. Abstaining from orgasms, emotional intimacy, and fits of uninhibited laughter. The opposite of pleasure is not pain, it's apathy. We are living the result of our numbness. Trolls are getting high from online torture. Validation seekers are freebasing likes and shares. And #MeToo has become a bridge connecting past pain to present justice. Shit is getting real-er. On this episode, I am chatting with Jenny Eden Berk about the copious amount of pleasure available to us... among so many other things! In this episode we explore: ⇒ Talking about sex with your daughters ⇒ Being unmoored by death ⇒ Going through the motions and surviving ⇒ Being gluttonous, hedonistic, and indulgent About Jenny Eden Berk:  Jenny is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Body Image mentor, speaker and best-selling author of the book, The Body Image Blueprint.  You can connect with Jenny on Facebook, Twitter, IG, and her website. *** Wanna help your sisterfriends ear-hustle on grown women talking about grown shit? Share #TheSensualityProject with your twitter followers. Click here to post a tweet!   If this episode got you in the feels... head over to iTunes and rate us, shout-us-out (review), and subscribe!   You can also subscribe to The Sensuality Project podcast on iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, or GooglePlay. 
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