82 minutes | Nov 28th 2018

Empty-nesting, the 45-year awakening, & the spiritual experience called divorce w/Kerrie Wearing

We undergo metamorphosis time and time again. The changes are visceral, seeping into our bones and transforming us from the inside out.... until we become someone else. Some shifts are chosen, but most often it's guided by something greater than ourselves and completely uninvited. With change comes discomfort and with discomfort there is resistance. But every now and then we allow, instead of resist. We lean in when we want to flee. We quiet ourselves and accept what is currently true. In those moments we witness our divinity and realize that separateness is an illusion, discomfort is compost, and life is unfolding in exact order.  My guest this week is Kerrie Wearing who knows a thing or two about change, transformation, and deliciousness! In this episode we explore: ⇒ Online Dating, being flirty in relationships, & post-divorce evolution ⇒ The sexuality + spirituality connection ⇒ Meditating "you" style ⇒ Measuring pain & birthing the unknown About Kerrie Wearing: "I'm a psychic medium soul coach passionate about connecting women to their soul. Author of 2 books, clients come to me when they are feeling lost and confused about the direction of their life. I give them the intuitive soul guidance and direction they need to move forward with their life, with clarity, confidence and a lighter and more peaceful heart.  Or when they are seeking to connect and strengthen their Mediumship abilities." *** Wanna help your sisterfriends ear-hustle on grown women talking about grown shit? Share #TheSensualityProject with your twitter followers. Click here to post a tweet!   If this episode got you in the feels... head over to iTunes and rate us, shout-us-out (review), and subscribe!   You can also subscribe to The Sensuality Project podcast on iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, or GooglePlay.   
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