61 minutes | Sep 13, 2020

Bisexuality & Sexual Fluidity with Megan van de

24 | In this episode we’re joined by Megan van de, talking all about bisexuality & sexual fluidity. We explore what bisexuality is (and isn’t), the freedom in sexual and gender expression, how to be better allies, internalised biphobia, bisexual legitimacy, bi-curiousity, the spaciousness of bisexuality, mental health among bisexual folk, bi privilege, performative femininity - and so much more.
This is a really important episode to listen to, regardless of your sexuality, to learn more about something that is often left out of the conversation. If you’re bisexual, questioning, have loved ones who are LGBTQIA+ or simply want to be a better ally, this is a powerful, gentle, eye-opening conversation.
Meg (she/her/they/them) is a Naarm/Melbourne-based, tough and tender, bisexual artist. They are the current VP of Melbourne Bisexual Network and one of the creators of the Big Bi+ Bonanza. They have particular interests in queerness, community, love and honesty, and they aim to always be curious and brave.
This podcast is for YOU, so if you ever have any questions you’d like me to answer on the show, or topics you’d like me to cover - reach out to me on email at hello@eleanorhadley.com or over on instagram @eleanorhadley
Links and Resources:
Learn more about the Big Bi+ Bonanza at www.standbius.com
Join Melbourne Bisexual Network at: http://melbournebisexualnetwork.com
Connect with Megan on instagram: @megan_van_de
Start your journey to explore your own personal pleasure language with my free quiz, including a bonus worksheet with journaling prompts to help you dive even deeper. Take the quiz now: www.eleanorhadley.com/pleasurelanguage
~ Other links / resources mentioned in episode ~→ Sensualista 1:1 coaching: http://theacademy.eleanorhadley.com/coaching/→ Book a chemistry call: https://theacademy.eleanorhadley.com/chemistry-call-schedule/
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