28 minutes | Mar 28, 2013

SMS 002 : Am I on the Right Path?

The physical self as the 1/10 energy: In this episode you will learn: What that means to the sensitive in general How the 1/10 energy affects how you operate in life How the 1/10 energy affects your everyday conscious mind How the 1/10 energy affects your relationship dynamics What the 1/10 energy means to a sensitive and how it connects to the deeper part of yourself Right click here to download the MP3 Additional show notes are available from here Thank you all for checking out this session of the SMS podcast, and finally, if you haven’t done so already I would love if you took a minute to leave a quick rating and review of the podcast on iTunes by clicking on the link below. It would be extremely helpful for the show. Leave a review for the podcast (link will open in a new window and take you to this show on iTunes) Enjoy the show and I look forward to seeing you next week. With love, Heidi x PS - Be sure to subscribe to my iTunes list and I'll send you an email as soon as the next show is ready
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