60 minutes | Jul 5, 2013

SHS002 : Sensitives & Depression

Sensitives & Depression Recognising the overwhelm in yourself and other people In this episode with Heidi Sawyer and Dr Helen Fawcett you will learn: During the teleseminar we will reveal: How a doctor recognises the difference between depression, overwhelm and anxiety The symptoms to look out for of how long-term stress affects the functionality of YOUR body The fundamental reason sensitive people don't want to ask for help or pop pills to cure their troubles SIMPLY PRESS THE PLAY BUTTON BELOW ..then wait a few seconds for the connection to be made. If you can hear hold music you are ready You'll find this really helpful in understanding worry, anxiety and depression. This is an important area to understand for yourself as a sensitive and the energies of other people you have to process. Dr Helen Fawcett a sensitive herself, gave some amazing insight into the differences between anxiety and depression, plus the options to solve it. She also refers to the tests you can easily attain online to see if your symptoms or the symptoms of anyone you know, are clinical. This is tremendously helpful information, you'll find there are may tips on how you can manage your health as a sensitive - to the best of your advantage. Right click here to download the MP3 Additional show notes are available from here Thank you all for checking out this session of the Sensitive Health podcast. Enjoy the show and I look forward to seeing you next month. With love, Heidi x PS - Be sure to subscribe to my iTunes list and I'll send you an email as soon as the next show is ready
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