43 minutes | Mar 1st 2019

S3 E12: Talking All About CBD + Making it a Biz with Danielle

Curious about CBD? You don't want to miss this one! Our host, Shanna Tyler is talking about CBD and making it a biz with Danielle Smith, CEO of Rooted Lyfe (Shanna's personal favorite CBD company!).

Who is Danielle? Danielle came out of a fifteen year in corporate America working in Human Resources before the entrepreneurial bug bit her. Seeking more fulfillment from her work, she began serving as a Maine Medical Marijuana Caregiver with her husband Rob, growing plants and making medicine for their patients.

Now affectionately referred to as the "Oprah of CBD" (CBD for you! And CBD for you!), Danielle has a passion for educating others on cannabis as medicine. She has been assisting people in finding what products to try and how to use them for maximum results for the last five years.

Few things bring more joy to her than hearing your success stories about replacing prescription drugs with natural alternatives including CBD. When she is not crying Hallmark-commercial tears of joy hearing your testimonials, she can be found having epic dance parties with her daughter, traveling, or enjoying live music...separately, or all at once!

In this episode, be prepared to learn all about CBD and how it isn't marijuana, plus the many ways you can use CBD. Not only that, Danielle and Shanna talk about "snake oil" companies and how to make sure you're choosing the right CBD and starting off your CBD journey. 

Rooted Lyfe Website: https://rootedlyfe.com/ 

Rooted Lyfe Resources Referenced In Episode Can Be Found HERE

Shanna's favorite Rooted Lyfe product: All-In-One Tincture 500mg 

Shop Rooted Lyfe HERE and don't forget to use Shanna's Code "SHANNA10" for 10% off! 

Rooted Lyfe Instagram: @rootedlyfe

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