40 minutes | Feb 22nd 2019

S3 E10: Creating Open and Safe Spaces for Balanced Black Girls with Lestraundra

This episode gets really real, really fast. Shanna sits and chats with Lestraundra, a fellow podcast host. 

Who is Lestraundra? Lestraundra “Les” Alfred launched Balanced Black Girl in 2018 as an extension of her popular fitness blog, The Balanced Berry.

As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, Les spent over five years helping women reach their health and fitness goals in a balanced, sustainable way. She is excited to foster a powerful community at Balanced Black Girl.

In this chat, be prepared to hear about being single AF, being a black woman, being a black woman in fitness, and being a mindful black leader in the wellness space. Les talks about it all! 

Balanced Black Girl Podcast can be found HERE  

Balanced Black Girl IG: @balancedblackgirlpodcast

Balanced Black Girl Website: https://www.balancedblackgirl.com/ 

Lestraundra IG: @balancedles


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