13 minutes | Jul 3rd 2019

[Coffee Chat] 5 Quick Ways to Set Yourself Up To Enjoy Vacation Even More

As always, Shanna keeps it really real with this coffee chat, and this time it’s all about vacation!    Shanna gives some quick tips to enjoy yourself even more on your next vacation. Whether it’s summer or winter, she shares FIVE ways that you can guarantee more organization and ease into that future trip.    You definitely want to give this a listen if you’ve been struggling to fully enjoy each trip, especially as a side hustler or full-time entrepreneur with that social media zeal!    Self Soul Sport IG: CLICK HERE   Self Soul Sport Newsletter: JOIN HERE   Self Soul Sport Facebook Page: LIKE HERE   Self Soul Sport IG: @selfsoulsportpodcast   Resources Mentioned in Episode:  Marie Kondo Folding Technique       
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