55 minutes | Sep 29, 2021

#85: Super Hacks - Part 1 (Recording)

APPLY FOR A FREE IN-DEPTH 1-ON-1 COACHING CALL WITH BENEDIKT:https://theselfrecordingband.comDownload the free Ultimate 10 Step Guide To Successful DIY-Recording here: https://theselfrecordingband.com/10stepguideDownload the free Essential Gear Guide here:https://theselfrecordingband.com/gearguideJoin the free Facebook Group ("The Self-Recording Band Community"):theselfrecordingband.com/communityBenedikt's voice on this episode has been recorded with the Antelope Axino Synergy Core--Reason number one for doing this episode: Malcom wanted to say "SUPER HACKS" on the show. 🤷Reason number two for doing this episode: There are a couple of tricks that we've discovered and learned over the years, which we would actually call "super hacks", because they are really useful, sped up our workflow, solved problems for us and increased the quality of our work. Of course we wanted to share those with you!Let's start with recording hacks in this episode. If you find these helpful and are a sucker for hacks and tricks like we are, we'll do another one on mixing. And maybe another one. We'll see.Listen now, take notes and use these super hacks in your next session!For full show notes go to: theselfrecordingband.com/85If you have any questions, feedback, topic ideas or want to suggest a guest, email us at: podcast@theselfrecordingband.com
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