65 minutes | Aug 11, 2021

#78: How To Use Panning To Get Wide, Exciting & Balanced Mixes

Download the free Ultimate 10 Step Guide To Successful DIY-Recording here: https://theselfrecordingband.com/10stepguideDownload the free Essential Gear Guide here:https://theselfrecordingband.com/gearguideJoin the free Facebook Group ("The Self-Recording Band Community"):theselfrecordingband.com/community--Right after balancing, which we've covered in episode 75, panning is the second most important thing you need to get right in your mixes. Again, this seems trivial but it's crucial to spend some time diving deeper into the subject. There's more to it than most people think.There are no rules, but there are definitely best practices, proven techniques and a couple of different approaches that everyone should experiment with to fully understand the concept and idea behind panning. And then there's the fun part: Beyond the basic stuff there are endless ways of using panning creatively to add excitement, movement and dynamics to your mixes. Listen now, take notes and then figure out what works for you to give your songs exactly the width and clarity they need!For full show notes go to: theselfrecordingband.com/78If you have any questions, feedback, topic ideas or want to suggest a guest, email us at: podcast@theselfrecordingband.com
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