79 minutes | Jul 28, 2021

#76: Q&A: What Is Saturation And How Do You Use It?

Download the free Ultimate 10 Step Guide To Successful DIY-Recording here: https://theselfrecordingband.com/10stepguideDownload the free Essential Gear Guide here:https://theselfrecordingband.com/gearguideJoin the free Facebook Group ("The Self-Recording Band Community"):theselfrecordingband.com/community--It's Q&A time again! This question came up in our Facebook community: "Saturation. What is it? I have an idea of what it is from my king gizzard addiction, but i have no idea what it really is or how to use it."Well,  let's discuss!(We also answer a couple of follow-up questions around the topic, covering mastering/mix bus saturation, parallel saturation and a couple more.)For full show notes go to: theselfrecordingband.com/76If you have any questions, feedback, topic ideas or want to suggest a guest, email us at: podcast@theselfrecordingband.com
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