25 minutes | Jun 30, 2021

#72: Speed Writing Challenge: Record A Brand-New Demo After Every Session

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Today we have a challenge for you that will help you learn and grow faster than ever before:

Write a new song each jam. Record what you have at the end of the jam, no matter what. That's right: Schedule your next 5 practice/jam/writing sessions with your band or alone, then write a brand-new song after every session and record a demo version of it. 

Don't give yourself too much time to refine and overthink it. Keep the sessions short and force yourself to come up with something. The goal is not to write the best song ever, but to write and record five songs no matter what, set the foundation for a new writing and productivity routine and then reflect on the challenge to see what you have learned, what worked, what didn't work and how you can make writing and demoing a habit that sticks.

If there's any great stuff in those demos in the end that you can actually use: Great! If not: Absolutely no problem at all. Trust us, you'll benefit greatly from it, regardless of the immediate results.

Why all of that? 

  • It forces you to be creative. Creativity does not depend on inspiration or how you feel. It's a process and it's a conscious decision to show up and do the creative work, no matter what.
  • It helps you be more objective. You simply don't have enough time to get too attached to ideas. Just record it and come back to it later to see if you still like it. You're still gonna be objective enough to be able to trust your gut feeling.
  • It’s always better to have more options than you need. Want to make a 12 song album? Then write 50 songs and choose the 12 best ones.
  • You’ll become a better songwriter. Obviously, right?
  • You'll learn to just move on and keep the flow up. You'll stop focussing on the result too much and will start to focus on the process, instead. The results will follow automatically. And they will get much better, as you practice more.
  • If you show the results to other people, you'll also get good at engineering, fast. You'll get instant, regular feedback on your demos and people will point out the most important things that need to be fixed. You'll learn to focus on those things when you're producing, engineering and mixing.

Bonus points (and the best learning experience) if you do this:

Put the demos in an online folder and share your results with The Self-Recording Band Community and us.

Are you in?

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