43 minutes | Jun 23, 2021

#71: Reamping Deep Dive - Get The Most Out Of Your Guitar Amp AFTER You've Recorded The Perfect Take

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Reamping used to be a problem solving technique. You recorded a DI as a safety net and when you later found out that the guitar tone didn't fit the song as well as you thought, you could just change it, or enhance it by blending it with another amp or pedal. 

These days, reamping has become a standard practice and is part of the plan for many records, right from the beginning. Especially when things are recorded at home and then sent to a studio for mixing and mastering. 

We believe you should always try to commit to a tone and you should at least take the time to play with whatever you have available, try to reamp yourself until you're happy and then see if your mixing engineer can do any better. 

Also, if you have some cool amps and pedals, why not use them to create unique signal chains and ultimately a unique guitar tone? That is fun! Especially if you don't have to play while dialing in the amp.

In this episode we dive deep into reamping with hardware amps and answer questions like:

  • Should I capture the DI pre or post pedals?
  • Where exactly has the DI box to be placed in the chain?
  • Do I need dedicated reamp box?
  • Is my interface suited for reamping?
  • How do I make sure to hit the amp with the right level?
  • Why does the reamped signal sound different than plugging directly into the amp?
  • What is “real-time reamping” and why would I do that?
  • I don't have a lot of pedals or amps, why should I care about reamping? (Your computer is a huge pedal board!)
  • What should I watch out for technically? Timing, phase etc.?

Let's go!

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