41 minutes | May 6, 2020

TSHP361: Thrive in Life & Business Featuring Nikki Cross

Subscribe to The Self Help Podcast in iTunes  What’s Coming This Episode? This week on the podcast Ed and I were joined by Nikki Cross who is in the process of starting a new business in the middle of the pandemic. Her background and skill base is in learning and development and her passion is in getting leaders to self develop and improve who they are and how they function to the benefit of themselves, their teams and their business. Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Sean has written a blog post to accompany this episode – read it here Nikki will have a website online soon, but follow her posts on Instagram for now Resource of the Week Sean gave a mention to his own free meditation recording – The Beach Ed was touched by the tale of the ‘Wind Phone’ in Japan Nikki is studying the Wim Hof Method Stay in Touch We’re all over the web, so feel free to stay in touch: Follow Live in the Present on Twitter and Facebook for daily doses of inspiration Follow presenter Edward Lamb on Twitter Follow therapist Sean Orford on Facebook and Twitter Subscribe to our weekly podcast on iTunes Leave us an Honest Review on iTunes We’d be amazingly grateful if you could leave us a review on iTunes. It will really help us to build our audience. So, if your like what you hear (and would like to hear more great free content) then visit our iTunes page and leave us an honest review (all feedback gratefully received!). The post TSHP361: Thrive in Life & Business Featuring Nikki Cross appeared first on Live in the Present.
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