3 minutes | Jun 16, 2021

UFOs Declassified LIVE (6/30/21) - News Leak - sources: Spymaster, Navy SEAL, International Spy Contractor

NEWS LEAK (6/15/2021) - Last night I was contacted by a US Spymaster, a NAVY SEAL, and an international spy consultant with the same piece of information - UFOs Declassified LIVE on June 30th, 2021.Of course I asked if I could fly to be present during the announcement, but I was told that the event is closed for obvious reasons. (I am sure my contacts will be available for follow up questions after the LIVE event on June 30th). Personal Thoughts  Is this a "False Flag"? Is this a legitimate news leak? How does this tie in with current events?Is it a publicity stunt?Is it Tactical Deception?Note: My executive level contacts in the WH are away at the G7 conference now, and I cannot reach them for comment. My contacts are credible.Stay Tuned for further details. Be Safe!
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