57 minutes | Jan 15th 2020

Ray Whinnery | Week 3 VIP | January 2020

Bonjour my friends (Remember, Charlie is practicing French!) On this month's Week 3 VIP, we interview Ray Whinnery. This is the interview we botched, well, technically our audio botched, but we made it up and now Ray is our first Week 3 VIP for 2020!Ray runs Everyday Akron, which is an awesome platform for everyday people to tell their Akron stories on Instagram. You can talk about your favorite restaurants, stores, trails - essentially whatever you like! Just head over to Everyday Akron and sign up to do the Instagram take-over for a week.Another opportunity, if you don't want to do a full week Instagram takeover, is a #BlogPostCard. This is more of a snapshot of what you love about Akron or what you think is unique. This can be in the form of a blog, poem, podcast (like us), flash fiction, whatever you'd like.Ray talks about how she got the idea for Everyday Akron, wanting LeBron James or the Black Keys to do the Instagram takeover, potential future growth of Everyday Akron, and her obsession with Beyonce. If you'd like to support Ray in Everyday Akron and her endeavors and receive a cool sticker, her Paypal link is: https://www.paypal.me/everydayakron Follow @EverydayAkron on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/everydayakron/  Sign up to take over @EverydayAkron Instagram: https://everydayakron.com/sign-up-to-take-over/  #BlogPostCard info: https://everydayakron.com/blog-postcard/   Follow @Ray_Whin on IG: https://www.instagram.com/ray_whin/
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