31 minutes | Apr 15, 2021

Why Environmental Justice Requires Education and a Focus on Equity

Across the country, activists and educators use Earth Day to teach the public about the importance of environmental justice and action to slow and mitigate climate change. This year we take it as an opportunity to talk with two Antioch faculty, Libby McCann and Sue Byers, about how we can challenge the ways our country has used environmental education in the past and collectively push for more equitable solutions to the climate crisis.More about Dr. Libby McCann:Libby is based in New England where she serves as the Director of the Environmental Education Concentration in the Master of Science in Environmental Studies, Environmental Education program. Libby also helps to run the Keene Community Garden project at AUNE and has directed Earth Partnership for Schools, a national program planting native gardens as outdoor classrooms. She has lived and worked in California, Washington, New Zealand, New Jersey, and Wisconsin as an environmental and consumer organizer and environmental educator/interpreter. More about Sue Byers: Sue is based in Seattle where she is the Director of the Urban Environmental Education Master’s in Education program at Antioch University Seattle. Sue began her career in education at Seattle Public Schools where she directed college access and readiness programs for middle and high school students. She served as Chief Academic Officer at the College Success Foundation where she launched programs in Washington State and the District of Columbia, serving over 6,000 low-income and underserved youth.If you would like to read the written pieces mentioned in this podcast, you can read Sue Byers’ blog post on Earth Day at the Seed Field, and you can find the essay Racism is Killing the Planet by Climate Justice Fellow Hop Hopkins at the Sierra Club’s blog.You can click here to find out more about the Coalition of Communities of Color.Learn more about the Environmental Studies & Sustainability Programs at Antioch University.Recorded April 7, 2021 via Riverside.fm. Released April 14, 2021. The Seed Field Podcast is produced by Antioch University, co-hosted by Jasper Nighthawk and Simon Javan Okelo, and edited by Lauren Instenes. Guidance for this episode came from Melissa Batalin, Karen Hamilton, and Melinda Garland.For information about this and future episodes, visit theseedfield.org or follow Antioch University on Facebook.
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