34 minutes | Jun 9, 2021

Why Antioch’s Chancellor Believes Universities Must Build and Protect Democracy

In the United States, the past year has forced us to come to terms with how fragile our democracy is. In the face of this national reckoning, Antioch University’s values of promoting social, economic, and environmental justice have been put to the test. In this episode, Antioch’s Chancellor, William Groves, discusses the vital role he believes higher education plays in building and maintaining democracy through educating voters and taking thoughtful stands on social injustices.More about Chancellor Groves: William R. Groves, JD, is the 22nd leader of Antioch University.  He began working with Antioch in 1979 and has served as Chancellor since 2016. In his time at Antioch, Chancellor Groves has worked with faculty to improve structures and processes for faculty voice and has helped the university weather uncertain times in a changing landscape of higher education.You can read more about Antioch’s mission statement involving social, economic, and environmental justice here. Recorded April 26, 2021 via Riverside.fm. Released June 9, 2021. The Seed Field Podcast is produced by Antioch University.This episode was hosted by Jasper Nighthawk and edited by Lauren Instenes. Special thanks for this episode goes to Melissa Batalin, Karen Hamilton, and Melinda Garland for their contributions.For information about this and future episodes, and to access a full transcript, visit theseedfield.org or follow Antioch University on Facebook.
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