34 minutes | Sep 8, 2021

To Reopen Schools, Teachers Took Their Students Outside. Should They Stay There?

Outdoor learning was an educational trend that took off when the pandemic made the indoors unsafe. Now, many students and teachers have experienced the benefits of this way of learning. Will students ever want to go back inside? And should they? To find out, we had a conversation with two Antioch faculty, Ellen Doris and Liza Lowe, who specialize in place-based and nature-based education. They talk about the many benefits of outdoor education and share some great tips for those interested in creating safe and fun outdoor experiences for their students.To learn more about the Inside Outside Network visit insideoutside.org.Visit Antioch University’s website to learn more about the Nature-Based Education Program.To learn more about Ellen Doris and Liza Lowe click here.Recorded September 2, 2021 via Riverside.fm. Released September 8, 2021. The Seed Field Podcast is produced by Antioch University.The Seed Field Podcast’s host is Jasper Nighthawk, and its editor is Lauren Instenes. Special thanks for this episode goes to Karen Hamilton and Melinda Garland for their contributions.For information about this and past episodes, and to access a full transcript, visit theseedfield.org. To get updates and be notified about future episodes, follow Antioch University on Facebook.
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