34 minutes | Jun 23, 2021

How Affirmation Helps Queer Youth Thrive Despite Ongoing Discrimination

As Pride Month comes to an end, we discuss the continued need for LGBTQ+ activism, the challenges facing youth today, and ways to radicalize pride in the fight for social justice with Cynthia Ruffin, the director of COLORS LGBTQ Youth Counseling. As director of this free therapy service, Cynthia has great insight into how these young people continue to experience discrimination and trauma in our country, and she urges us to find new ways to show up for the LGBTQ+ community.More about COLORS:COLORS is a Los Angeles-based therapy service offering free, unlimited, LGBTQ+ affirming therapy to LGBTQ+ identified youth under age 25. Visit colorsyouth.org to learn more.This year is COLORS’s ten-year anniversary! To join COLORS in celebrating this milestone visit colorsyouth.org, where they will be posting information about how to sign up for their upcoming event. Find out more about Cynthia Ruffin. Recorded June 7, 2021 via Riverside.fm. Released June 23, 2021. The Seed Field Podcast is produced by Antioch University.This episode was hosted by Jasper Nighthawk and edited by Lauren Instenes. Special thanks for this episode goes to Melissa Batalin, Karen Hamilton, and Melinda Garland for their contributions.For information about this and future episodes, and to access a full transcript, visit theseedfield.org or follow Antioch University on Facebook.
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