35 minutes | Jul 21, 2021

A World in Crisis Calls for Conscious and Courageous Leadership

As the world faces many serious problems, from climate change to global health crises, we need leaders who serve humanity in a conscious and courageous way. This week’s guest host, Dr. Y. Falami Devoe, is joined by leadership scholar Dr. Aqeel Tirmizi to discuss what steps we can take as individuals and communities to train and develop the kinds of leadership we want to see in the world. Listen and Subscribe to Dr. Y. Falami Devoe’s podcast ...And the Conversation Continues on Youtube.Learn more about the programs offered by Antioch University’s Graduate School of Leadership and Change.Follow Antioch University on Facebook and LinkedIn to be notified when the new Professional Certificate designed by Dr. Tirmizi, “Advancing Conscious Leadership” is launched later this summer. Learn more about Dr. Aqeel Tirmizi and Dr. Y. Falami Devoe.Recorded July 2, 2021 via Riverside.fm. Released July 21, 2021. The Seed Field Podcast is produced by Antioch University.The Seed Field Podcast’s host is Jasper Nighthawk, and its editor is Lauren Instenes. Special thanks for this episode goes to Melissa Batalin, Karen Hamilton, and Melinda Garland for their contributions.For information about this and past episodes, and to access a full transcript, visit theseedfield.org. To get updates and be notified about future episodes, follow Antioch University on Facebook.
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