58 minutes | Jan 30, 2020

23. Dating a Rocket Scientist with Dr. K. Renee Horton

Success can often be used against black women, especially while dating. Charla and Lauren have experiences that have left them being labeled as ‘intimidating’ or ‘ a lot.’ These descriptions are familiar to Author and Space Launch Quality System Engineer Dr. K. Renee Horton. Working for NASA is something that Dr. Horton loves but people rarely ask about what it’s like to thrive in all the other aspects of life. In this conversation, Dr. Horton talks about her love for science and relationships, sharing hilarious stories that illuminate one experience of dating whole being a rocket scientist.    You can find more about The SLBW at https://www.instagram.com/theslbw/  Follow SLBW on Twitter and Instagram @theslbw   Find Dr. K. Renne Horton @Reneehortonphdon Twitter See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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