1 minutes | Dec 21, 2018

TEASER: Welcome to The Sean and Thomas Show!

Hey Podcast listeners - I Just wanted to give you a heads up that Thomas and I will soon be releasing episodes for The Sean & Thomas Show. We’re really excited to start connecting with you via podcast.  The goal of the show is to highlight the stories of all of the amazing people we’ve meet here in Chicago the past couple years.   It’s going to be a lot of fun for us and hopefully really beneficial for you to hear how people have accomplished some pretty amazing things. Our guests will include other tech founders, software developers, marketers, remote workers and friends. We’ll dig into what their life is about, what their businesses are all about and what side projects they’re working on. You’ll start seeing some episodes come through the feed over the next couple weeks and it would mean so much to us if you hit the subscribe button on whatever podcast app you use. Search for The Sean and Thomas show or head over to seanandthomas.com/podcast and that should open up the podcast app in iTunes for you.  Thanks everyone! And we’ll talk soon
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