67 minutes | Apr 26, 2019

013: Bootstrapping to $60 mil ARR with Jason VandeBoom

Welcome to The Sean and Thomas show…this is episode number 009 ScaleTalk — a series where Thomas and I talk with successful, Chicago-Based founders, CEOs, and CTOs that have scaled up their businesses tech teams. The hope is for us learn something from them that we can all apply to our lives and businesses.  We’ve been looking forward to today’s episode for a really long time. Our guest is Jason VandeBoom, the CEO and founder of ActiveCampaign. Now if you don’t know ActiveCampaign, they are a marketing automation company for small businesses and they have an incredible story. They have over 60,000 customers worldwide doing about $60mil+ / year in revenue and have more than 350 employees Jason famously bootstrapped the company for almost 15 years and then a few years ago raised $20 mil…we get into a good discussion here about that decision to raise so much money even though they didn’t particularly need it. 
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