51 minutes | Mar 24th 2020

Ep. 29- Staying the Course: Interview- Kermit Gray

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In this episode Eric and Justin get a chance to sit down and interview Kermit Gray the Director of Bands at Roosevelt School and Dallas Area Producer. We get a chance to learn about a great educator who has a desire to build, invest and create experiences for the students he teaches everyday. He also provides great information to directors on how  memorable experience making music.

In Rotation:
Los Recoditos "Un Pedo Con El Viejo"- Eric
Rich Tolbert "Never Be Defeated" - Justin
Jason Lyric- Kermit

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Music Credits:
Intro: Justin McLean @jusmackmuzik
In Rotation & Outro: Ben Bohorquez @jamin_music

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Published: Mar. 16, 2020 @ 5AM Edit


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