13 minutes | Oct 28, 2020

Cancer Immunotherapy: CRISPR Reveals Targets In Vivo

Welcome to The Scientist Speaks, a podcast produced by The Scientist’s Creative Services Team. Our podcast is by scientists and for scientists. Once a month, we bring you the stories behind news-worthy molecular biology research.While T cell immunotherapies effectively battle certain cancers, many cancers do not respond to these treatments. To find solutions to this problem, researchers use modern genetic techniques, such as genome-wide CRISPR-based screens, to enhance the anti-cancer immune response and increase cancer cell susceptibility to treatment. Niki Spahich from The Scientist’s Creative Services team spoke with Sidi Chen, assistant professor in genetics and systems biology at Yale University, to learn more. This episode is brought to you by LabTalk, a special edition podcast series from The Scientist. To hear a fascinating story about using CRISPR screens, stem cell technology, and single cell sequencing to understand neuron stress and neurodegenerative diseases, check out our latest episode at www.the-scientist.com/labtalkepisode2.     
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