18 minutes | Aug 7, 2020

A Game of Cancer and Evolution: Scientists leverage the principles of evolution to outwit cancer at its own game

The Scientist Speaks, is a podcast produced by The Scientist’s Creative Services Team. Our podcast is by scientists and for scientists. Once a month, we will bring you the stories behind news-worthy molecular biology research.In this month’s episode, brought to you by The Scientist and sponsored by 10x Genomics, we discover how scientists use the principles of evolution to model tumor dynamics and develop new treatment strategies for cancer. Tiffany Garbutt from The Scientist’s Creative Services team spoke with Robert Gatenby, chairman of the radiology department and co-director of the Center for Excellence for Evolutionary Therapy at the Moffitt Cancer Center, to learn more.If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to The Scientist Speaks on your favorite podcast platform.
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