73 minutes | Aug 15, 2021

Audio in Horror Movies, A Brief History

From the Psycho shower scene to the authentic music in The VVitch, Matt and Tara discuss the history of audio in horror movies with audio engineer, Bill Vaughan. *****SPOILERS***** SHOW NOTES: Episode captioned on YouTube Killer soundtracks: How horror movies use sound - The Eagle (theeagleonline.com) What’s That Noise?: Devising Sound Elements in Horror Movies – Kadenze Blog How the Hidden Sounds of Horror Movie Soundtracks Freak You Out - Atlas Obscura Sound Design, Foley and FX in Horror Movies - Electronic Music Collective How Foley Artists Make Horror Movie Sound Effects | Mental Floss Did You Hear That? Nightmare on Elm Street Foley Artist Gary Hecker Reveals How Horror Movies' Scariest Sound Effects Are Made | The Credits (motionpictures.org) How Sound Effects for Horror Movies Are Made (insider.com) How to Create Horror Sound Effects That Are Truly Eerie | Enhanced Media - Audio Post Production Company Wilhelm scream - Wikipedia Stock sound effect - Wikipedia
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