69 minutes | Apr 26, 2021

Extreme Haunts - What Are They and Where Can I Find One? S1E2

Join the Scream Teams as they discuss what "Extreme Haunts" are, how they differ from an "Immersive Horror" experience, and a few places where you can try one on for size.The goal of The Scare Factor Podcast is to provide entertainment, value, and likely a few laughs as we promote and cover topics that pertain to the Halloween, haunted house and Haunted Attraction industry!Join us live on YouTube on Saturdays at 9:30pm!https://www.youtube.com/c/thescarefactor/You can also follow us on most social media platforms @thescarefactorIf you like what we're doing, please take a few seconds to leave us a review... it'd make all the difference in the world to us!
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