35 minutes | Oct 17, 2019

Episode 1 – “Be Good, Do Good” With Amar Shah, Founder of Client First Capital

Making a shift from working for a large company to working independently can be tricky. But sometimes, it can be exactly what you need to propel your career forward.  In this inaugural episode of Savvy Wealth Podcast, you will get to know Amar Shah, founder of Client First Capital, and find out how he came to work in the financial industry. In this episode, you will learn: What Client First Capital does for its clients Who their ideal client is How they have managed to build their client base entirely from referrals What Amar’s business philosophy is and how he established it Who Amar is as a person And more! Tune in today to meet Amar Shah and hear about his work with Client First Capital! Resources:  Client First Capital | Amar Shah on LinkedIn
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