24 minutes | Sep 16th 2019

How To Fund An Album When You're Broke - SMS063

On today’s episode, Leah and CJ talk about creative ways to fund an album when you do not have the money. Often, people make excuses for why something is not possible, so before even tackling the issue of money, you need to tackle your mindset. Whether you have or don’t have money, following your passion requires sacrifice, be it money, time or energy. Once you have managed to sort your attitude out, the rest will unfold more easily.

With smartphones and social media platforms, you can build an audience with very little financial capital. You can then leverage your fanbase and raise money for an album through something such as crowdfunding. There is a myriad of possibilities once you shift from a mindset of poverty to one of abundance. It is not necessary to take the traditional route of getting signed to a record label. You can and should do things on your own terms and if Leah managed to do it, then so can you. For all this and more, join us today!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Working towards your goal requires some kind of sacrifice.
  • Mindset is more of an issue than money ever is.
  • Why you should be cautious of using investors to fund your work.
  • Leah’s preference for initially getting your music out there.
  • Why you should release an EP rather than singles. 
  • The reasons other than raising capital that crowdfunding is important.
  • Why fans and not a record label are the real capital.
  • Some creative ways you can raise money other than through crowdfunding. 
  • Your biggest obstacle in this project!
  • And much more!



“If you’re that determined, it’s not if, it’s how.” — @LEAHthemusic [0:05:19]

“Even when you are broke or not broke, you should be thinking about how to involve your fans this way.”  — @LEAHthemusic [0:14:34]

“You have a business when you own traffic - in other words, when you have an audience.”  — @LEAHthemusic [0:20:20]


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