116 minutes | May 27, 2020

EP 8: The One With The Double Elimination (and Woodstock 99) (Total Madness)

There is a new Elimination King! Or at least....that’s what Zach wants you to think. Do you agree or disagree? We covered this action packed episode from start to finish, and had lots to debate: Nelson’s political game, Aneesa being extra, a really fun daily challenge that needs tweaking, Jordan’s quest to match Darrell, and Shanni’s recent tift with a Challenge tea page. Also, Zach kept hijacking segments and “cutting promos” as he called it. Literally nobody asked for this. Oh well..... Have you rated the podcast on iTunes yet? 5 stars pleasssse. Follow us on Instagram @shannisuissa and @zcal77.  This episode is sponsored by Stitcher Premium. Sign up today and use promo code SANIAC for 1 month free on your monthly plan!  Check out all our Challenge content on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 
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