39 minutes | Aug 10th 2020

Penny Power OBE: Bouncing back

Mental health and emotional wellbeing are words on everyone’s lips of recent years and in the current climate, they are more relevant than ever. Penny Power OBE started out in the IT industry in 1983 and has witnessed every step of the technological revolution. In 1998 Penny Founded Ecademy with her husband Thomas,; Ecademy was the world’s first Social network for Business. The concept was based on the desire to connect business people as friends in a world that was opening up online but was clearly going to create isolation and fears around who to trust. Penny was Awarded an OBE for her contribution to the Digital Economy and the impact that Ecademy had. In 2018, having built two more businesses, Penny stepped back for 6 months to evaluate the life she wanted going forward. There were many traumas, both financial and emotional to spend time calibrating and coming to terms with her new normal. Much like many people are doing now. Penny wrote her best-selling book, Business is Personal, published in January 2019. Penny and Thomas once again run a business community and also a Mastermind program and love the life they have rebuilt together. Sandro Forte is a highly respected and successful businessman who has built an astonishing network of well-known individuals, sports stars and celebrities over a career spanning more than 30 years. Author of the bestselling book ‘Dare to Be Different’ and a sought-after speaker, Sandro has decided to access his enviable resources to produce a podcast series, centred around personal development, which invites a different person each episode to talk about their successes, their challenges and what lessons they have learned in life to make them who they are today. Their insights and wisdom both educate and motivate as they explain how success, whilst not always easy, is achievable for anyone. These interviews provide inspiring and informative insight from the perspective of an impressive and varied range of personalities. Subscribe, provide feedback, share what you want to hear more of in future episodes and ask any questions via email at hello@sandrospodcast.com   www.sandrospodcast.com hello@sandrospodcast.com Blog: www.tumblr.com/sandrospodcast Twitter: @sandrospodcast Facebook: /sandrospodcast
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