19 minutes | May 18, 2016

SSS09: Leveraging VAs to Double Your Time and Sales

Are you feeling overwhelmed with an endless to do list? Are you wondering how your competitors seem to be doing everything? Are you wondering when is the right time to hire help? Good news! You are going to love this episode of the Sales Success Show. The Sales Success Show brings you business owners who share what they do to grow their grow their business and close more sales. You will learn about their effective funnels, successful sales processes, and gain insight into their revenue streams. Additionally, they will share their secret sauce that helps them close more sales. In this episode you are going to discover how: To scale your business, you need to leverage your time and that can be done through automation and a team. My guest, Trivinia Barber and I, dive into practical advice on typical challenges of scaling which is typically blocked by the founder because of their lack of systems, they don’t know how to outsource and they don’t really track numbers to tweak the process. #Founders are the biggest block to your #business #growth #sales @yasminekhater #growth #scale #entrepreneurbit.ly/salessuccess9Click To Tweet OUR GUEST TODAY IS TRIVINIA BARBER: Trivinia Barber if the founder of  Priority VA, a company that matches speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, podcasters and bloggers with high-quality virtual assistants to unburden them from the tasks they aren’t good at or don’t have time for so they can focus on what they do best. What I love about Trivinia and the work that she does, is part of the reason why she is growing her business is because she is enabling women who dream to remain in the workforce after childbirth to achieve their professional goals. WHAT DOES TRIVINIA SELL? Revenue Streams: (3) VA Package – 20 hours a month $800- $1000 Webinar Support – $150 Funnels + Infusionsoft (several thousands)   {Remember: If you want to hit your first 6 figures you typically need 2-3 revenue streams, if you want to do build a million dollar empire – you typically need 7 revenue streams!! You don’t create all these streams at once, you slowly add one revenue stream as you build your business.} WHERE DOES TRIVINIA’S LEADS COME FROM: WHAT NUMBERS DOES TRIVINIA TRACK? Leads Conversion Drop off Revenue SALES LESSONS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: How to double, triple and quadruple your time getting more productive? When is the right time to hire a VA? How to go about hiring a VA and to be cautious of? How tracking will help you identify holes and opportunities to make more revenue? Why some people fail at scaling and at outsourcing? Being a helicopter #CEO with their hands on everything will hold you back from #scaling #sales #business @yasminekhater bit.ly/salessuccess9Click To Tweet TRIVINIA’S SALES TOOKLIT: Favorite Book: Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time Favorite Business Tool: Infusionsoft,  Slack Trivinia’s Sales Wisdom: “Don’t be who you are not… Don’t change who you are to get more sales… Do you, be strategic to get more sales..” FREE RESOURCE To help you I have put together my FREE 10-day sales confidence challenge The post SSS09: Leveraging VAs to Double Your Time and Sales appeared first on YASMINE KHATER.
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