32 minutes | Apr 13, 2016

SSS08: How to Use Rejection to Grow Your business and Yourself

Does it feel like your business is just not working? Do you want to help more clients but can’t figure out what’s missing? Are you curious how brand without a big budget? Good news! You are going to love this episode of the Sales Success Show. The Sales Success Show brings you business owners who share what they do to grow their grow their business and close more sales. You will learn about their effective funnels, successful sales processes, and gain insight into their revenue streams. Additionally, they will share their secret sauce that helps them close more sales. In this episode you are going to discover how: The 3 Common mistakes new business owners make when trying to figure out their brand. My guest, Tiffany Han and I, dive into practical advice on how to set healthy expectations.  Many people on the web make it look easy – selling entrepreneurship as this fun freeing experience that happens between trips to the beach and coffees on balconies. But when you are first getting started there is a ton of work that needs to be done (and done well)! Don’t fall for the trap of people selling #entrepreneurship as something that is easy! @thetiffanyhan @yasminekhater bit.ly/salessuccess5Click To Tweet OUR GUEST TODAY IS TIFFANY HAN: Tiffany Han is a business and branding coach. She is a podcast host and helps highly-creative people raise their hands and say yes  to the business they’ve always wanted to have, to the ideas that feel crazy. Bottom line, Tiffany gives professionals permission to say YES to themselves. As the founder of 100 Rejection Letters program, Tiffany helps creative entrepreneurs move beyond their comfort zones to build businesses (and lives) that are based on bold, inspired action. Once called a Professional Yoda and Mary Poppins for Creative Businesses by her clients, Tiffany is regular contributor to Paper & Stitch and Design for Mankind. She regularly speaks and teaches about the power of branding, how to build a business that you love (and that loves you back!), and the magic of saying no so that you can find your bigger yes. She also hosts a weekly podcast called Raise Your Hand Say Yes about the creative adventures of extraordinary people. WHAT DOES TIFFANY SELL? Revenue Streams: (3) 100 Rejection Letters: ($1000) 100 Rejection Letters Group 1-1 ($6000) Its business time: ($6500)   {Remember: If you want to hit your first 6 figures you typically need 2-3 revenue streams, if you want to do build a million dollar empire – you typically need 7 revenue streams!! You don’t create all these streams at once, you slowly add one revenue stream as you build your business.} WHERE DOES TIFFANY’S LEADS COME FROM: WHAT NUMBERS DOES TIFFANY TRACK? Revenue monthly breakdown by program Separate revenue goals for the program Monthly inside scoop, revenue goals, how each earnings, different social media… only pay attention 1 or 2 (instagram/facebook group Raise Your Hands Say Yes) SALES LESSONS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: There is no such thing as “passive income.” The power of the art of taking action is critical to your success. Every action solidifies your brand. How you reject your own self more than anyone rejects you. How being clear on your why and being committed to it is the only way to push through fear. Although it’s great to get more clients, there is significance in identifying the red flags and rejecting the wrong clients. There is no quick fix in #business, you just have to do the work @thetiffanyhan @yasminekhater bit.ly/salessuccess5Click To Tweet TIFFANY’S SALES TOOKLIT: Favorite Book: Purple Cow, New Edition: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable–Includes new bonus chapterand Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less Favorite Business Tool: Asana Tiffany’s Sales Wisdom: “Figure out what problem you want to help your prospects solve…Work with clients 1-1 first and learn how to articulate the value you provide.” FREE RESOURCE To help you I have put together my FREE 10-day sales confidence challenge THANKS FOR LISTENING! Thanks so much for joining me again this week. You are the reason why I thrive to put together the Sales Success Show. If you have some feedback you’d like to share, leave a note in the comment section below! If you enjoyed this episode, please share it using the social media buttons you see at the bottom of the post. Also, I’d be grateful for your honest review of The SSS Podcast on iTunes. Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated! They matter in improving rankings of the show and helps get the show into more people’s live. Plus I read each and every one of them and take suggestions to heart! Special thanks to Tiffany for joining me this week. Until next time! The post SSS08: How to Use Rejection to Grow Your business and Yourself appeared first on YASMINE KHATER.
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