72 minutes | Jan 25th 2021

Hasan Minhaj on his life as a celebrity Sacramento Kings fan, with Jerry Reynolds on The Kings Herald Show

The Kings Herald Show is back with a special interview featuring comedian, writer, actor, and most importantly, lifelong Sacramento Kings fan - Hasan Minhaj! We also had The Kings Herald's own Kevin Fippin jump on the podcast with Jerry Reynolds, Will Griffith, and Tony Xypteras this week to talk with Minhaj about his early life growing up in the Sacramento area, and his rise to becoming the most famous and outspoken celebrity Kings fan going right now.


  • (4:20) Hasan Minhaj, on growing up a Sacramento Kings fan
  • (12:40) The important role sports plays in civic pride
  • (15:40) Hasan Minhaj, on being the biggest celebrity Kings fan right now
  • (21:15) Sacramento as a free agent destination
  • (25:15) Hasan Minhaj, on being at All-Star Weekend when DeMarcus Cousins was traded
  • (30:50) Presenting Hasan Minhaj with a gift from Jerry Reynolds and The Kings Herald
  • (36:55) Hasan Minhaj, on defending his Sacramento Kings fandom
  • (40:35) What do the Kings have to do to finally make the playoffs?
  • (42:30) The Luka Doncic conversation
  • (56:30) Buddy Hield’s future in Sacramento, and Tyrese Haliburton's ROTY campaign
  • (1:03:30) The toughest competitors in the NBA today


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