46 minutes | Nov 11th 2020

2020 NBA Draft preview and analysis with Jerry Reynolds

Will Griffith, Jerry Reynolds, and Tony Xypteras preview the 2020 NBA Draft with a look at some of the players the Sacramento Kings should consider on draft night, and some behind-the-scenes draft notes and analysis from Jerry's 35-year career with the organization. 



1:45 — Jerry Reynolds, on the entire draft process

14:35 — Rundown of players we like in the 2020 NBA Draft

23:40 — Draft strategy and best player available vs. fit

29:23 — Bad draft day trades in Kings history

33:00 — A timely discussion about Beno Udrih

36:15 — Should the head coach have a voice in the draft process?

40:00 — Patreon question of the week

43:30 — Reynolds Wrap Up


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