70 minutes | Feb 3, 2022

RHS 132 - The Power Brokers on the Future of Insurtech

This is a special multi-guest episode of The Ryan Hanley Show with a "Who's Who" lineup of technology power players including Steve Anderson, CEO of Catalyit, Peter MacDonald, Co-Founder & CEO of Wunderite, and Andrew Wynn, Co-Founder & CEO of Ascend. We get after all things independent insurance agents and technology. You don't want to miss this episode... Episode Highlights: Peter explains how they came up with the idea of talking about the future of insurance technology. (7:44) Steve explains the Catalyit concept and what they do. (9:33) Andrew introduces himself and what Ascend does. (12:10) Peter shares his background and Wunderite’s concept. (14:17) Steve discusses how technology is becoming more accessible to the general public. (17:53) Peter believes that insurance agents have always had a perspective on customer service and that it has always been a high concern for agencies. (24:46) Andrew discusses his thought process for launching his own company. (29:07) Peter mentions that their company's health insurance was recently changed this year and how technology was integrated into the sales demonstration. (36:38) According to Andrew, they wanted to create a solution that was more than just premium finance and gave a much better customer experience. (45:07) Peter explains how he came up with the idea for Wunderite. (47:36) Peter talks about the need for an ecosystem to support the tools that we want as agents. (1:02:00) Key Quotes: “It's not about technology, it's about meeting the customer where they want to be.” - Steve Anderson “The future of InsurTech is really about empowering independent agents.” - Peter MacDonald “We wanted to build a product that delivers that better customer experience, while staying competitive on the rate.” - Andrew Wynn Resources Mentioned: Steve Anderson LinkedIn Peter MacDonald Andrew Wynn Catalyit Wunderite Ascend. Reach out to Ryan Hanley
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