60 minutes | Mar 30th 2017

Drug Czar in the Trump Administration

Good day, tokers and tokettes and non-toking lovers of liberty, it is Wednesday, March 29, 2017, and it’s got to be 4:20 somewhere in the world! It’s Episode #915 and coming up on today’s show…In the NEWS, we have a new interim Drug Czar in the Trump Administration;In our CANNABIS FOCUS, Project SAM’s coming after Oregon law enforcement’s report on Cole Memo violations;In DRUG WAR DATA MINING, we look at the obscene amount of cash the cops are stealing under civil asset forfeiture;In the WIDE WORLD OF WEED we get ready for a Supreme Court decision on Friday that may decriminalize dagga in South Africa;And in the Radical RANT, I ask How will we sell tax and regulate on a $30 ounce?Then in HOUR TWO we’ve got a fascinating look at ancient Chinese understanding of cannabis as medicine; Nevada’s liquor distributors want no part of pot;
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