55 minutes | Sep 16, 2021

[RBP011] Inside The Ethereans NFTs

Welcome back to another episode of the RUNEBase podcast! In today's episode, I had the please of speaking with one of the creators and one of the advisors of The Ethereans, a delightful NFT project I stumbled upon and quickly became obsessed with. For this show, I spoke with Ethereans Advisor Tony Herrera and Designer Mr. Oscar. Mr. Oscar is one of the designers and is one of the brothers of the Chaos Duo - the lead designers of the Ethereans NFT Project.   The brothers connected with Tony Herrera and he helped bring this project to light.  The Ethereans are the super cute, 3D space aliens. They are so derpy and adorable, and much different than a lot of the NFT projects out in the market today.  During our conversation, we discussed: - Their background, history, and story - How they brought The Ethereans to life - The design and rarity distribution behind The Ethereans - The roadmap, utility they're building into it and a few sneak peeks to look forward to - The challenge they faced creating The Ethereans The artwork on these NFTs is so detailed and creative, so you gotta check out Tony and Oscar's NFT projects and let us know your thoughts. Be on the lookout for our own NFT project for the THORChain community, ThorGuards, which should be out soon! Learn More: The Ethereans Website: https://ethereans.mx/ The Ethereans Twitter: https://twitter.com/theEthereans Chaos Duo Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheChaos_Duo Mr. Oscar Twitter: https://twitter.com/oscarasecas_ Tony Herrera Twitter: https://twitter.com/tonyherrera 0xNguyen Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xNguyen  RUNEBase Twitter: https://twitter.com/RUNEBase_org RUNEBase Email Subscribe: https://www.runebase.org/subscribe
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