37 minutes | Aug 12, 2021

[RBP006] XDEFI Wallet is Building the Multi-Chain Metamask (with Emile Dubié, Co-Founder of XDEFI)

Read the full transcription on RUNEBase.org This week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Emile Dubié, Co-Founder of XDEFI Wallet. You can think of XDEFI as a multi-chain Metamask - a browser extension crypto wallet that supports crypto assets across 5 different blockchains today (with more to come). In this conversation, we discussed: - Emile's background and how he got involved in Crypto - The THORChain ecosystem, and the events that took place over the past few weeks - XDEFI Wallet, where it is today, what's coming soon, and what to look forward to down the road - Trends to watch in the larger wallet and Defi ecosystem - Closed with a fun conversation about Emile's passion for NFTs We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we enjoyed having it! ⚡ 0xNguyen PS - In case you missed it, we released our two-part series about the most recent THORChain attacks, which you can check out below: - Inside the THORChain Attacks, Part 1: Recap - Inside the THORChain Attacks, Part 2: The Response Stay tuned, as we have some exciting podcasts lined up in the coming weeks including interviews with Ryan Watkins from Messari Crypto, and Mitchell Amador, CEO of Immunefi! Follow RUNEBase on social media: Email Subscribe: https://runebase.org/subscribe Runebase Twitter: https://twitter.com/RUNEBase_org 0xNguyen Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xNguyen
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