74 minutes | Aug 5, 2021

[RBP005] Inside The THORChain Exploits: Part 2 - The Response (w/ Chris @ GrassRootsCrypto & Tratitum)

Listen to episode one: Inside the THORChain Exploits Part 1 This is the second episode in a 2-part series on the recent THORChain attacks. In the first episode, I was joined by Chris from GrassRoots Crypto and RUNEBase's own Tratium, and we discussed what happened over the past few weeks as the THORChain network underwent a series of exploits and attacks. In today's episode, we got together again to discuss the team and community response in the wake of the attacks, and all of the good things that have come about as a result. We discuss: -THORChain's "5 Prong Recover Plan": Auditing, Bounty Programs, Ongoing "Red Teams", Protocol & Code Updates, and Protocol Insurance -The consequences of the attack that need to be understood and worked through -The programs being put in place to make the protocol and community stronger than ever -The inspiring community response The response has truly been incredible, and we now have a new sense of momentum, optimism, and positive energy around the THORChain ecosystem. It was a blast working with Chris and Tratium to bring these updates to you. We hope you enjoy 😘 -0xN ***   Follow RUNEBase on social media:  Email Subscribe: https://runebase.org/subscribe Runebase Twitter: https://twitter.com/RUNEBase_org 0xNguyen Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xNguyen
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