75 minutes | Jul 15, 2021

[RBP003] TehColeSlaw: "RUNE is the settlement currency for all of crypto"

This week's podcast guest is one of the most recognizable & authoritative squirrels in the THORChain community, @TehSlaw (aka "Cole"). Drawing from a deep well of insights and experiences from his decades-long career in traditional finance - first as a research analyst on Wall St., to later starting his own investment bank - Cole consistently provides the deepest, most insightful takes on THORChain and developments in its surrounding ecosystem. In this conversation, we discuss: Cole's background and story - how he went from Wall St. to starting his own investment bank, to getting into crypto and THORChain Why Cole now focuses primarily on the THORChain ecosystem How THORChain's $RUNE token is the settlement currency for all of crypto Riffing on THORChain ecosystem projects and communities including Thorstarter, Thorswap, Brokkr Finance, Xdefi, THORWallet, Nine Realms, and Qi Capital. The conversation was a blast - and we have plenty more to come! Stay tuned for upcoming interviews with LP University's Baloney Bones, Archon & Runemir from Qi Capital, Emile from Xdefi Wallet, and more to follow :) Read the full summary on RUNEBase.org: RUBEBASE.org/rbp003-tehcoleslaw-rune-is-the-settlement-currency-for-all-of-crypto Follow RUNEBase on social media:   Email Subscribe: https://runebase.org/subscribe Runebase Twitter: https://twitter.com/RUNEBase_org 0xNguyen Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xNguyen
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