124 minutes | Mar 9, 2017

Royal Ramble 3/9/17

A lot of news to cover on this edition of the Royal Ramble Wrestling PodcastWe first start with our reactions to the disaster that was Fastlane, giving our take on what made it so bad.We then give our weekly recap of Raw, SD Live, and NXT, going all the best and worst segments of each show. We also dive into the newest NXT signee Kairi Hojo and talk about her future impact on the brandWe then gave a short recap of UFC 209, talking about how the fights went.Then, we gave our reactions to the ROH Manhattan Mayhem show, following up with our predictions for the 15th Anniversary showFinally, we gave our predictions for the New Japan Cup 2017, with a little shoutout as well to WCPW for their recent show Exit Wounds.
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