44 minutes | Jan 30, 2014

Episode 4: Harry Wilson + The Role Banks Play

Evan is joined by his astute long-time business partner, Brett Barth, to look at the role banks play in our economy.  Free markets have an impassioned defender in Brett although he does believe in a little FAA-like regulation for the banks. Brett and Evan dig into the Horatio Alger-inspired life of Harry Wilson.  Harry grew from modest Greek roots in a tiny town in upstate New York to a Harvard graduate and an influential businessman notably as the savior of the US auto industry in 2008, a board member at Yahoo! as well as an accomplished public servant. Harry shares his war stories and the merits of a cold call even if you are a lifelong Republican reaching out to an influential Democrat.   We would love to hear your feedback:  btmshow@icloud.com and follow on Twitter @BTMshow
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