47 minutes | Aug 9, 2016

Episode 14: The lessons for us all in Junior Bridgeman's career transformation: NBA star to restaurant mogul. Taped in front of a live audience!

Junior Bridgeman is one of the most successful former athletes of all time. After retiring from the Milwaukee Bucks in 1987, he started a career that took him from owning and running a few Wendy's in Milwaukee to being one of the largest franchisees in America. His next act? Coca Cola bottler. The inspiring — and rarely heard — speaker talked to Evan and guest co-host Dan about his career and life lessons in front of a live audience in Louisville, Ky. Regular listeners might know Louisville as the city where Evan and Dan honed their non-cancelled-stamps-recycling skills. Others will recognize it as the town where Bridgeman was a college basketball star and now lives. The event was hosted by Kentucky to the World, which you should be following!  (Image: Insider Louisville) Don't forget to give feedback!  Twitter: Rothevan and Danroth LinkedIn: Evan and Dan
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