38 minutes | Apr 8, 2016

Episode 13: Will Apple be your next bank? Special Guest: Steve Ellis, CEO of social powerhouse WhoSay

Did you know Taylor Swift writes the number 13 on her hand in eyeliner before every concert and that she was born on the 13th? Does knowing that make you more or less excited for the 13th episode of Breaking the Mold? Hope the answer is "You belong with me, BTM," because this episode is a Raw and Real! First: Evan explains the $100 billion reasons Apple has making taking on JP Morgan its next big initiative — and why thinking about Apple as a bank helps explain its push back against the FBI. Guest host Daniel Roth disagrees, sparking Bad Blood. Then serial entrepreneur Steve Ellis, a Fearless Brit who founded content marketing firm WhoSay, drops by the studio to talk about how he created his two wildly successful startups. This despite (or maybe because of?) his goal of being a professional musician. Ellis offers lots of ideas about whether entrepreneurs can ever work for anyone else; a terrific take on why America is special for startups — it's the country that "leans yes," says Steve; and a unique perspective on why the rise of celebrities is causing the destruction of celebrity media.  As T. Swift says: "Basically whenever a 13 comes up in my life, it’s a good thing.” We think you'll agree.  Don't forget to give feedback!  Twitter: Rothevan and Danroth LinkedIn: Evan and Dan
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