31 minutes | Nov 4, 2015

Episode 10-B: The Economics of Halloween, Community Banks and Higher Education

How's this for breaking the mold? Where other podcasters will follow Episode 10 with Episode 11, Evan and returning guest-host Dan instead are publishing a second Episode 10!  In this podcast, we start with a look at the massive business of Halloween and why a strengthening economy could hurt those numbers (and how this will impact Dan's exercise routine). From there, we launch into a look at community banks as an investment — and whether those banks have a role to play in helping small, underbanked businesses grow; for more on this topic, check out John Hope Bryant's LinkedIn piece, 1,000 Bank Branches for the Poor!. We wrap things up with a look at how the Department of Higher Education might be changing higher education for good (or, in Evan's POV, for worse). Finally, this episode has all of the things you love in Breaking the Mold — arguments, debates about age, a strong beat that makes its essential for long-distance runners — without that other thing you love: guests! Let us know what you think of the new no-guests experiment by Tweeting to us at @rothevan. 
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